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He's willing to bang inside, can rebound pretty well, sets good screens and commits a baffling number of turnovers for someone who rarely looks to shoot. If healthy, that's good enough to at least make him an adequate backup big man, but Pachulia also has battled several injuries in recent years, missing 30 games this year and 24 the year before. This point keeps getting harped on whenever we talk about a Bucks' free-agent decision, but it bears repeating: the Bucks really don't need to add all of these mid-level deals for veterans onto their cap in the first place.

This is a team that should be renting its cap space to hoard assets or trying to make big-money offers to young veterans like the Pelicans did with Tyreke Evans. Instead, they've locked in O.J. Mayo, Pachulia and Carlos Delfino for a combined $49 million over the next three years if Delfino's final year ends up being guaranteed.

Mayo has a little upside left since he's turning 26 next season, but that's about it. The other signings aren't particularly inspiring, and in Pachulia's case, not even at a position of need.GRADE: D+More from SB Nation:• Howard picks Rockets | Prada: How Morey got his man• Ziller: Lakers need a miracle• Josh Smith signs with Detroit | Iguodala to Golden State • The NBA's top 90 free agents | All NBA free agency news• Grading the NBA free agent deals

The Cleveland Cavaliers are considering signing free agent Andrew Bynum, and the former Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers center will visit with the team on Monday, according to ESPN's Marc Stein.The Cavs join the Dallas Mavericks as the two main suitors for the big man, who didn't touch the court last season because of knee problems.Fear the. More cheap coins in

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