Grocery Shop with Mbodyment Fitness!


Shop_with_Us2.pngHaving difficulties getting started with healthy grocery shopping? Don't have the time to read labels? Are food labels confusing to you? Are healthy foods too expensive?  If this is you, let us personally release you from the most common burdens by helping you master healthy and fun grocery shopping!    

Time after time, it is frequently expressed that shopping healthy is complicated and frustrating. For many, grocery shopping can be an overwhelming task and most challenging for preparing healthy meals.  

You either love it or hate it, nonetheless shopping for groceries is unavoidable. Learning how to select the right foods may be sometimes maddening: the confusing labels, the shifts in nutrition news, recent medical research and not to mention the outlandish prices particular in these economically stressed times.  We want to shop healthy in order to slim our size but not our pockets.


Learn how to make smart choices in the supermarket with Mbodyment Fitness.   We will physically shop with you at a preferred location within 10 miles of proximity of our Home Office establishment (not to exceed 45 minutes of shopping), provide consultation via online or by phone if outside the specified proximity in order to provide guidance at the supermarket!  Learn how to:

- Make the right choices for healthy eating
- Shop healthy according to your budget
- Read Labels
- Have fun while shopping

Our shopping meetup is not intended to treat or cure a medical condition or a substitution for a pharmaceutical prescription by no means.  All medical conditions and/or prescription substitutions must be advised by a nutritionist, physician and/or healthcare professional. 


Ready for your new healthy lifestyle? 

Let’s shop now!  


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